What are party supplies | Biodegradable disposable lunch boxes?

What are party supplies | Biodegradable disposable lunch boxes?

The degradable lunch box for party supplies refers to a lunch box that can undergo a biochemical reaction under the action of natural environment microorganisms (bacteria, mold, algae) enzymes, causing the appearance of mildew to change in internal quality, and finally form carbon dioxide and water.

The entire degradation process can be decomposed into harmless substances without human involvement, which is a very long process. In addition to meeting the required degradation performance, the degradable meal box finished waste should also have recycling value, be convenient for recycling, or be convenient for sanitary landfill and high-temperature composting.

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Rich product range

Rich product range

PureGreen offers a wide range of biodegradable and compostable items such as plates, bowls, clamshells, cups, cutlery, straws and unique trays for food service, retail and many other applications.

Rich production experience

Rich production experience

Our wide range of products combined with our custom design and printing capabilities make us the best choice for your environmentally friendly packaging. We are committed to satisfying you and establishing quality relationships.

Mature product solutions

Mature product solutions

PureGreen can help you find your competitive advantage. Let us custom design unique packaging solutions that provide all the features and advantages needed to meet your specific needs. We will provide you with every step from concept, prototyping and testing to final production in a professional and economical way.

party supplies

PureGreen offers a wide range of biodegradable and compostable items such as plates, bowls, clamshells, cups, cutlery, straws and unique trays for food service, retail, and many other applications. Our vast range of products combined with our custom design and print capabilities makes us your best choice for Eco-friendly packaging. We are committed to your satisfaction and to building quality relationships.

PureGreen can help you find your competitive advantage. Let us custom design a unique packaging solution that delivers all the features and benefits required for your specific needs. We’ll help you every step of the way — from concept, through prototyping and testing, to final production — professionally and economically.

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Party Supplies | Advantages of Biodegradable Tableware:
Natural raw materials, using natural bagasse as raw materials, can be continuously supplied, so that natural resources can be recycled and reused indefinitely.
It is safe and biodegradable. The raw material is a natural polymer compound, which can be degraded in the natural environment.
Green and environmentally friendly, the product can be quickly degraded by microorganisms in the natural environment after use, and become a plant nutrient. Really originate from nature, return to nature, and effectively solve the environmental damage caused by white pollution. Non-toxic,
The raw materials are natural, the production process is sterile, and the disinfection inspection is strict. After the product is degraded, it is non-toxic to the soil and air, and there is no secondary pollution hazard.
It is highly substitutable and can replace plastic products using petroleum as raw material and paper products using wood as raw material.

Party Supplies | The manufacture of bagasse degradable tableware: Bagasse is the fiber residue after extracting their juice from sugarcane and crushing. It is currently used as a renewable resource in the manufacture of pulp and paper products and building materials.

Biodegradable substances are all organic materials and other artificial materials that can be decomposed by air, water and bacteria. Biodegradable products can be relatively quickly decomposed into raw materials for the natural environment.

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Party Supplies | Material for making bagasse degradable tableware: Sugarcane pulp is also a kind of paper pulp. This kind of sugarcane pulp is a natural degradable and compostable plant fiber material!

Party Supplies | Biodegradable tableware uses two kinds of materials: one is made of natural materials, such as paper products, sugar cane, starch, etc., which are degradable and also called environmentally friendly products; the other is made of plastic as the main component , It is made by adding starch, photosensitizer and other substances.

Party Supplies | Advantages of bagasse degradable tableware: Resource conservation-its manufacturing raw materials are renewable resources, while paper tableware and plastic tableware require a large amount of wood and petrochemical products. Using green renewable materials as raw materials can save a lot of petroleum resources and forest resources.

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